MyRay Hyperion X5

MyRay Hyperion X5 is the world's smallest wall-mounted Digital OPG, fitting into any space with zero footprint.

It's easy-to-use, quick one-touch & setting free functionality with a MULTI PAN function for single scan multiple images has allowed MyRay to offer all and more of the 2D panoramic imaging features required by dental practices including; Orthogonal bitewing dentition projections and Powerful Platform for 3rd party integration, at an affordable price.

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MyRay Hyperion X9 3-in-1

Hyperion X9 series is a modular concept which covers all aspects from 2D panoramic imaging, through cephalometric exams up to cone beam 3D with true full arch volumetric scan capability.

Hyperion is an integrated multiple platform, so even if you just take the panoramic imager today, you can upgrade as far as the 3 in 1 solution at any time in the future.

Hyperion X9 can be fitted either with a large or a small image detector, that determines 3D capability

Two scan resolutions                                     Implant planning

NNT4 Software                                             Adaptive interface

Third party compatibility