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All Handpieces are Swiss made 


Bien-Air Bora & Prestige Turbines

The new line of Bien-Air turbines combines avantgarde technology with exceptional ergonomics. Their characteristic cutting-edge performance has been further optimised. Their pure, sober lines make them simply unique.

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Bien-Air Contra-angles & Handpieces

Bien-Air contra-angles and handpieces offer you the best of Swiss microtechnology. Each instrument is a masterpiece of metal-working, where skills combine to create a rugged, ultra-precise and quiet device.

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Bien-Air iChiropro Implant Motor

This new device, controlled from an iPad and equipped with some of the best performing instruments on the market, paves the way for a new generation of medical appliances. Its innovative solutions make practitioners' lives easier.

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Bien-Air Chiropro L Implant Motor

Chiropro L takes concern for detail to unprecedented levels. Everything is designed for your comfort. The interface, intuitive and complete, can be managed by the new control pedal.

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Bien-Air Mirco-motors

For the LED light on these Micro-Series micromotors, Bien-Air has gone to great lengths to combine the best components available with application techniques to guarantee unique levels of performance and reliability. Bien-Air LED lighting offers unmatched working comfort.

With a range of options, find out which Micro-motor is suited to your needs.

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Bien-Air Laboratory

Developed to meet the requirements of the dental technician, Bien-Air has created the new Prolab and Prolab Basic laboratory control units, on the cutting edge of modern technology and ergonomics. These control units have simple, highly practical functions which provide greater operating safety and comfort. The “control & motor” unit strategy provides greater safety and comfort. 

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Bien-Air Optima MX

Start treatments with one single click! With 40 programs available and a high speed navigation system, you can perform treatments in comfort and with ultimate safety. 

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Bien-Air PowerCare Ultrasonic Scaler

The ideal instrument for removing deposits and for prophylactic supragingival and subgingival operations. Powercare monitors and automatically adjusts the power needed for each operation. This assures you of optimal efficiency during your work.

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Bien-Air Systems & Materials 

Equipment available to meet all your needs; featuring CAD-CAM system, SCAN200/D710, MILL200 & 300. 

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