All Implantology is Swiss Made


Bien-Air iChiropro

Simple to use, the intuitive, ergonomic application ensures significant time savings during operations. This devices offers the complete pre-programmed operating sequences from the largest implant manufacturers, the integration of your patient files and a number of options for customisation. 

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Bien-Air Chiropro L

Designed to simplify your daily practice, the Chiropro L unit is infinitely versatile, allowing numerous clinical applications such as implantology, endodontics and dental surgery. With the Chiropro L, everything is designed for your comfort. The MX-i LED Chiropro micromotor, the most powerful and lightweight on the market, has LED lighting of equal intensity whether at high or low speeds. 

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Bien-Air Chiropro

The Chiropro is a dedicated implantology system which is both simple and high-performance. Its MX-i micromotor is the most powerful and lightweight on the market.

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Bien-Air Chiropro 980

The Chiropro 980 is a powerful implantology system, capable of driving two motors. The Chiropro is particularly reliable and resistant: it has a robust design. This means it meets the most stringent international safety standards.

Bien-Air Implantology Instruments

An outstanding ergonomic design, the new Bien-Air 20:1 L implantology contra-angle gives the word comfort a whole new meaning. This contra-angle has an irrigation system which is internal to the instrument – a world first. So your grip is not impeded by the irrigation line.