Cattani Compressors 

Cattani compressors are renowned for their performance and reliability, a reputation earned through over 20 years in the market. We supply a range of compressors, no matter what your clinic needs. 

KAC100 - Compressor.jpg

7-year warranty compressors & 3-year warranty suction

Low maintenance 

Extensive range

Can be fitted with bacterial filter

Cattani Suction Motors 

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Cattani's range of SMART suction systems constantly monitor how your suction is being used and adjusts its performance to suit. 

The Turbo SMART is also designed to grow as your clinic does. The Turbo SMART A, designed for two surgeries, can be upgraded with a password to a Turbo Smart B, which can provide suction for up to four surgeries.

System with smarts 

Powerful, consistent performance 

Wireless connectivity available soon