MyRay HyperSphere

RXDC HyperSphere Plus incorporates an ergonomically advanced touch-activated positioning technology and the freedom of wireless control.

Locked and unlocked by 2 touch-sensitive areas, the tube head revolves freely around the spherical ball-joint, enabling freedom and precision in terms of positioning.

MyRay DC eXTend

RXDC eXTend combines practical wireless simplicity with intelligent design to provide the dentist with precision equipment enabling accurate imaging a low X-ray doses.

RXDC eXTend's compact tube-head features a long internal collimation of the X-ray beam, achieving a default 12” (30 cm) source-to-skin distance, which allows for sharper images and vital diagnostic detail.

Download MyRay DC eXTend Brochure


RXAC is a conventional unit built with resistant lightweight materials and designed to offer full compatibility with traditional and digital X-ray systems.

Perfectly balanced arms prevent vibration of the tube head right through to the unit’s maximum extension of 199 cm. 

Shock-resistant handheld control device is fitted with an extension lead or is available in a remote control version. 

Mains voltage fluctuation is compensated for via a unit-integrated microprocessor.