MyRay X-pod 

The X-pod, a pocket sized medical device created by MyRay, provides instant diagnostic quality radiographic images on a handheld wireless device.

The X-pod allows you to instantly collect crystal clear radiographs, review and zoom the high res images on the widescreen touchscreen. 

Operates wirelessly and lasts the full day after an overnight charge powered from the lithium-polymer battery.

MyRay Zen-X

The Zen-X has been developed to simplify the whole process of taking radiographs. With an outstanding ergonomic shape it ensures maximum patient comfort.

It has a powerful USB 2.0 connectivity makes the system extraordinarily convenient and mobile and minimises the time between X-ray exposure and on-screen viewing.

Available in two sizes, the sensor is well-built, ergonomic and features a technologically advanced 3-layer structure. 

Download MyRay Zen-X Brochure

MyRay CU-2 Camera

A total digital imaging device featuring Progressive Scan technology, ensuring premium image definition and perfect freeze-frame quality.

The CU-2 incorporates 12 warm white LED micro-lights, enabling an efficient spread of light in the oral cavity to provide bright images, rich in colour definition.

A digital video system is fully integrated into the hand piece with a high-speed USB2 connection. 

Download MyRay CU-2 Brochure